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Frank Segebade
Tel.: 0049(0)331-866-8200

Corinna Elsing
Tel.: 0049(0)331-866-8743

Christina Schlawe
Tel.: 0049(0)331-866-8092
Interreg IVC - Innovation & environment regions of Europe sharing solutions European Regional Development Fund

The Catch-MR project

12 partners from six capital regions and one metropolitan region cooperated in Catch-MR, an INTERREG IVC project supported by the European Union. Catch-MR investigated “Cooperative Approaches to Transport Challenges in Metropolitan Regions”. Main goals were: research of good practices for sustained settlement and greening transport in metropolitan regions, chances of realisation within the partner regions. A budget of 2 Mio. € was available for activities over the project period (1/2010 – 12/2012). Lead Partner was the Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg.

The Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union's Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe work together to share experience and good practice in the areas of innovation, the knowledge economy, the environment and risk prevention. EUR 302 million is available for project funding but, more than that, a wealth of knowledge and potential solutions are also on hand for regional policy-makers.