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1st thematic workshop in Gothenburg

The 1st thematic workshop was hosted by the Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities on 9-11 June 2010. The workshop focused on Land-use and transport planning – Achieve new planning solutions.

The workshop was moderated by Mrs. Maja Saiduddin and based on both presentations as well as group work.

At the beginning Mr. Per Kristersson from Gothenburg provided a brief introduction to urban sprawl and its different kinds and consequences in the Gothenburg region. Later on each metropolitan region gave a presentation on their regional planning solutions followed by a structured group discussion on the key questions:

• What can we learn from a region’s experience?
• How can we contribute to the region with our experience?
• Which issues can we actively and concretely collaborate around?

Thus, knowledge on new planning and policy making processes as well as on problems, goals, and methods on traffic and land use planning was shared.

The site visits included trips to

• Göteborg as the regional core. The new vision of the city centre, a Central River City – Centrala Älvstranden – was introduced. One main part of it – the urban renewal project on the north bank of the Göta Älv River in Göteborg, Norra Älvstranden – was visited. The redevelopment of an old industrial area, covering 250 hectares of land and about 40 hectares of water, has one focus on a strong and sustainable transport network.

• Kungsbacka – one of the regions fastest growing towns and main corridors. The intention is to counteract the effects of urban sprawl by developing a polycentric structure. Examples for typical the kinds of urban sprawl in the Göteborg region were visited to.

A detailed documentation of the workshop can be downloaded here:

Documentation WS1 Gothenburg  (pdf – 4,7 MB)