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Central Hungary (9 May 2011, Budapest)

The first regional dissemination workshop took place on 9 May 2011 in Budapest. The event was organized by the Municipality of Budapest and BKSZ together – the two Hungarian Catch-MR partners, involving BKK as the possible future partner and MRI as external expert.

The target group comprised among others regional organizations, universities, public transport companies, transportation planners, civil organizations, the ministry responsible for transportation, the city’s main architect and his colleagues.

After as short introduction to Catch-MR, the workshop focused on two subjects of regional interest:

  • possible cooperation between the metropolis and the region,
  • cooperation between transportation and land use planning.

The first subject included two presentations of good practices of regional cooperation mainly based on the project's results, but also complemented with some other region’s experiences from previous projects. The second part was presented by BKK, who was involved as a future strong transportation organizer and project partner. Besides some general information and updated status about BKK, Mr Kerényi put up a vision for a possible future Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning system.

Photos: Catch-MR Central Hungary

The presentations were followed by a discussion mainly focusing on the currently segregated planning procedures, and the changes in the transport organizing structures in and around Budapest with the dissolution of BKSZ and the creation of BKK.

The main result was the exchange of information and the involvement of different stakeholders, who did not talk to each other yet, but intended to do so in the future.

Below you'll find several workshop related documents (in Hungarian language).

Invitation  (pdf – 176 kB)

Participants  (pdf – 100 kB)

Presentation BKK  (pdf – 1,2 MB)

Presentation MRI  (pdf – 2 MB)