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Ljubljana Urban Region (1 June 2011)

On 1 June 2011, 62 participants took part in the first dissemination workshop of the Catch-MR project in Ljubljana. The event was held by the two Slovenian project partners with the aim of presenting the project to stakeholders in the Ljubljana metropolitan region and interlinking project activities with other transport-oriented projects.

First there were opening remarks from representatives of the host organizations (Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City of Ljubljana; David Polutnik, Director of the Roads Directorate; Lili Madjar, Director of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region; and Mimi Urbanc, Associate Director for International Relations of the Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts). Then Janez Nared, Matej Gabrovec, and Matej Gojčič presented the aims and results of the project achieved to date. The discussion that followed was moderated by Marko Peterlin.

Participants from research institutions, ministries, public agencies, municipalities, and the media agreed on the necessity of the topics addressed for the Ljubljana Urban Region and expressed their expectations regarding the implementation of these ideas. They shared the opinion that cooperation among responsible institutions and representatives of various projects is of crucial importance in order to achieve synergies in terms of activities and effects. The need for close cooperation and coordination of activities was even more evident after the presentations of three other projects whose topics are related to that of the Catch-MR project:

  • P&R facilities plan for the Ljubljana Urban Region, presented by Matej Gojčič;
  • Restoration of rail stops in the Ljubljana Urban Region, presented by Jože Urbanc, Slovenian Railways;
  • EU 2020 going local, INTERREG IVC project, presented by Lili Madjar.

The discussion touched on several relevant issues:

  1. The importance of non-motorized traffic within the metropolitan area and the region;
  2. The need to respect various definitions and types of urban sprawl and suburbanization temporally and spatially;
  3. The lack of integrative planning at a regional level in Slovenia;
  4. The inadequate public priorities in transport policies (the share of public investment in public transport is rather low).

A TV report in Slovenian is available here (starts at minute 10:03): tvslo.si/predvajaj/slovenska-kronika/ava2.106812479/

Please find below several presentations (in Slovenian language).

Catch-MR - Skupni pristopi k prometnim izzivom v metropolitanskih regijah (Janez Nared)  (pdf – 494 kB)

Suburbanizacija in javni potniški promet (Matej Gabrovec)  (pdf – 1,4 MB)

Financiranje javnega potniškega prometa (Matej Gojcic)  (pdf – 357 kB)

Revitalizacija obstoje obstoječih ih postaj (Jože Urbanc)  (pdf – 3,8 MB)

EU 2020 Going Local (Liljana Madjar)  (pdf – 1,4 MB)

Mreţa P+R zbirnih središč v Ljubljanski urbani regiji (Matej Gojcic)  (pdf – 1,2 MB)