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Political Meeting (22 June 2011, Brussels)

On 22 June 2011, the Oslo Regional Office in Brussels organised a political project meeting between the partners of Catch-MR, on the initiative of the Oslo’s Commissioner for Urban Development, Bård Folke Fredriksen.

During the first part of the day, the project lead partner from Berlin-Brandenburg gave a presentation of the project work that has been achieved so far. Following this, each of the participating cities and metropolitan regions had the chance to present their experiences and intentions within the project. The participants discussed and prepared some political statements from the project, to be communicated to representatives from the EU institutions who met the partners later in the day.

Photo left: Oslo Regional Office Brussels; Photo right: Peter Austin

After the internal project discussions, meetings were arranged with the EU Commission and the two Directorates General that are most relevant for the project. Participants met a representative from the Urban Transport Unit in DG MOVE and two representatives from the Urban Unit in DG REGIO. At the end of the meeting, the group had discussions with the Austrian MEP Eva Lichtenberger, who is a member of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament. A number of the participants then took the opportunity to visit the European Parliament after the meeting was formally ended, to attend a meeting in the Urban Intergroup which was held on the same afternoon.

For those who took part it was a very valuable experience and the project has become known in part of the political landscape in Brussels.

The project thanks Peter Austin and his colleagues - especially the Oslo Regional Office in Brussels - for having organised the meeting so well.

Please find below several documents in relation to this event (agendas, policy note, participants list, presentations).

Agenda  (pdf – 78 kB)

Agenda URBAN Intergroup  (pdf – 33 kB)

Catch-MR Policy Note  (pdf – 131 kB)

Participants  (pdf – 33 kB)

Catch-MR presentation (Frank Segebade)  (pdf – 953 kB)

Presentation 'EU + Urban Mobility + Transport' (Vincent Leiner)  (pdf – 541 kB)

Presentation 'Integrated Urban Governance - the EU vision' (Corinne Hermant)  (pdf – 1.008 kB)