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Acta geographica Slovenica & Geografski vestnik

David Bole, Matej Gabrovec, Janez Nared and Nika Razpotnik Viskovic summarised the findings of Catch-MR in the field of transport for the Ljubljana Urban Region in several articles, which were published in the Slovenian magazines "Acta geographica Slovenica" and "Geografski vestnik". Topics are the phenomenon of daily commuting in Slovenia and integrated planning of public passenger transport.

Acta geographica Slovenica, 51-1, 2011: Changes in Employee Commuting: A Comparative Analysis of Employee Commuting to Major Slovenian Employment Centers from 2000 to 2009  (pdf – 4,9 MB)

Acta geographica Slovenica, 52-1, 2012: Integrated Planning of Public Passenger Transport between the City and the Region: The Case of Ljubljana  (pdf – 2,5 MB)

Geografski vestnik 84-1, 2012: Daily Commuters in Slovenia (part I)  (pdf – 5,3 MB)

Geografski vestnik 84-1, 2012: Daily Commuters in Slovenia (part II)  (pdf – 3,9 MB)